The Products

No single software application can protect against the varied threats in today's ever-changing environment. So each banSHIELD product is designed with multiple layers of protection or cleaning. Each successive level gives you greater strength, in tiers of coverage that will match any budget.

Where are you on the Disaster Preparedness Spectrum
banSHIELD Guard data protection.

We all try not to think about it. But the truth is that the world is not safe for your data and your computer. And since your work and your finances depend upon your data, a major portion of your resources are directly threatened.

Every day, we see precious information lost. Some of it is lost forever.

And the reality is that modern systems make it possible to keep your data safe, secure, and able to remain available after and even during the most devastating of disasters.

banSHIELD Guard is the data protection component of our suite. We take the strategy of backing up your data, then putting up safeguards to protect it.

We are driven to make this affordable for everyone, so we offer three editions, each designed to build upon and add more protection to the other.

Bronze - $50 per year

  • Secure Cloud Backup*
  • Basic Comprehensive Malware Protection

Silver - $80 per year

  • Includes all the features from Bronze*
  • Local Backup to Network or External Drive
  • Configure Networking Protection

Gold - $90 per year

  • Includes Bronze and Silver*
  • Image to USB Drive or Network Share
  • Provide Windows recovery media if needed (you must provide your own license)

*Additional, nominal storage and bandwidth charges apply to Cloud Backup included with Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Current storage costs 3 cents/gb or less and bandwidth to recover files costs 9 cents/gb or less. Prices subject to change.

banSHIELD Clean malware elimination.

Just one click on the wrong link. Just one accidental download. That's all it takes to load the wrong kind of code're infected!

So what will you do?

This is where banSHIELD Clean comes to the rescue! This product comes in three editions. The one for you depends upon the severity of the infection. We recommend initially getting a Level 1 cleaning.

You will get credit for each Level, if you need more comprehensive work. In other words, if you need a Level 2 cleaning, the price of your Level 1 cleaning will be applied to the cost. So you pay $40 for Level 1, plus an additional $40 for Level 2, making the total cost of both $80.

Level 1 - $50

  • Install Malware Detection, Elmination, and Protection tools
  • Backup data to Local Media
  • Run Level 1 Malware Scan
  • We recommend purchase of at least banSHIELD Guard Bronze to help prevent future infections!

Level 2 - $100

  • Includes Level 1 Cleaning
  • Configure Networking Solutions as needed
  • Run Upgraded Malware Scans
  • We recommend purchase of at least banSHIELD Guard Silver to help prevent future infections!

Level 3 - $150

  • Includes Level 1 & Level 2 Cleanings
  • Image Computer
  • Rebuild Computer
  • Create Updated Image
  • We recommend purchase of banSHIELD Guard Gold to help prevent future infections!
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